Backend Developer

London, England, United Kingdom


About Game Analytics

Game Analytics is the #1 free analytics tool designed to help game developers and publishers drive conversions, refine critical flows, and boost retention for their titles by making the right decisions based on data. Currently, 17,000+ game developers use Game Analytics to track performance in 38,000+ titles around the globe.

This means we have incredible coverage - at present we track the behaviour of 600+ million players every month. By joining the team, you’ll help shape the development of an industry leading SaaS platform in one of the most exciting and highest growth verticals on mobile. We are a truly international company with a strong presence in Europe, the Americas and - through our parent company Mobvista - Asia

About the Backend team

We are a small self-managed team and we actively develop and maintain all the infrastructure that underpins GameAnalytics, processing billions of events every day from thousands of games. In our approach to work we value the importance of a small, high quality codebase, following best practices, implementing good regression testing and automating as much as possible.

As part of the backend team you will be working on challenging problems within highly distributed, real-time and batch mode systems. You will be part of all stages of development, working with the product team to define the features all the way to designing, implementing and maintaining it. Your day-to-day work will mainly consist of solving interesting problems rather than trying to improve over-complicated code or chasing bugs while under pressure.

We aim to always use the best tools for all tasks, and this often involves working with the latest technologies, rather than maintaining an old tech stack. We are also an active contributor to open source projects (Github profile:


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